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The Great Mission Group Consultancy, GMGC, is a registered group of individuals consisting of legal professionals, scientist and academicians established in Pune to promote Intellectual Property Rights and WTO related areas. Our vision is to provide world class IP services to various industrials units, inventors and students.. Read more..











What is patent?

Patent is an exclusive, monopoly right given to an inventor for his new and useful intellectual creation.

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What is trademark?

Trademark is visual representation attached to goods and services for purpose of indicating their trade origin.

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What is copyright?

It is an intellectual property given for literary, dramatic or musical work, sound recording and cinematographic work.

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Geographical Indication


Industrial Designs



What is GI?

Geographical indication is Intellectual Property for Community at a specific place or region for production that determines characteristic qualities

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What is Industrial design?

Industrial Designs is something which applied to an article and is not article itself. The Building and Structures is not article but it consists of shape, configuration

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Info on LPO?

We are well equipped in terms of subject domain and also technically sound to carry out IP outsourcing work including offshore & onshore types of work. We are recognized by World Trade Organization (WTO)

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